About Chimps Print

Why the name CHIMPS?

Why the name CHIMPS?

Chimpanzees (CHIMPS) are one of the smartest and agile creatures in the world. Similarly, at CHIMPS we strive to be smart, agile and quick at providing solutions to our clients. We do so by identifying your needs, to better advise you with all available alternatives to achieve your end goal(printing).

There are many printing companies in Singapore and how and who do you decide to print with can determine many things such as your school grades, budget constrained and satisfaction. Thats why it is important to determine which company to do your printing with.

CHIMPS – a full-fledge print solution service centre, dedicated to offer you the most cost effective yet aesthetically pleasing printing solutions. Our range of products and services includes Large Format Printing, Apparel Printing, Designing and Printing, Stationary Printing, Signage, Event Stage Backdrops, Exhibitions, Vehicles Wrap, Display Structure, Shop Window Displays, Wall murals, and Portable Backdrops. We have extensive and dynamic experience in anything that is printing related. Our services, quality and prices make us one of the more established name in Singapore. Being in this industry for so many decades provide Chimps Singapore with extensive connections which gives us an edge to serving our clients’ needs and wants!
The best part about using us is that we house a wide range of products customised to your different demands, be it corporate or individual, we tailor make our service and product to fit your requirements! Be it T Shirt Printing, Sticker Printing, Flyer Printing and Brochure Printing, CHIMPS Singapore aims to provide cheap printing services without compromising on the quality and service.
Our dedication and highly-skilled team ensure that our clients are always satisfied and thats the reason why they always come back to Chimps Singapore for printing related matters. So give us a chance to convince you to join our ever-growing pot of satisfied clients with our printing services. Your success is our business!

CHIMPS - a full-fledge print solution service centre, dedicated to offering you the most cost effective yet aesthetically pleasing solutions.

Your success is our business!